4WD Programmable Smart Robot Car Starter Kit With Remote Control for Beginner DIY


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- The 4WD Robot Starter Kit is a perfect platform based on Robotics.With just a few simple steps, no complicated assembly process, you will learn all , robots, sensors, IR remote, bluetooth communication and obstacle avoidance and remote control.
- Free software for programming the controllers and how to get started can be found here.


Digital I / O Digital Input / Output Port 0-13.
Analog I / O Analog Input / Output Port 0-5.
Support ICSP download, support TX / RX.
Input voltage: USB interface power supply or 5V-12V external power supply.
Output voltage: 3.3V 5V DC output support.
Processor: Atmega168 328 processor, because of its many supporters, the company has developed 32-bit MCU platform to support .

Notes: The instruction in CD is in Chinese, but this kit is easy to assemble.

Package included:

1 x Smart Robot Car Kit