DIY 170*85*100mm Mini Engine Car Robot Kit With/Without Remote Control


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1. Material: Steel+Glass+ABS plastic
2. Color: Silver
3. Size: 170mm*85mm*100mm
4. Type: With remote control / Without control
The Working Principle:
similar to combustion engine(only electric item could make the light on)
alcohol lamp provided heat-Gas expanding by absorbing heat-gas
molecule internal energy increased-gas molecule movement intensified-positon be pushed - pressure difference with needle cylinder-product working
1.Finished simple basic assembly
2.Turn the golden wheel,adjust the heating cylinder and needle cylinder position to make sure the systerm
working smoothly
3 Inject the alcohol into bottle,pre-heat the cylinder approx 2-5minutes
4.Boost the wheel clockwise,then the machine would line a car runing
1. Be careful the alcohol spitting out,it was very dangerous!
2. Using alcohol wiht purity 95%
3. Using a cap to suffocate the alcohol lamp,never try to blown by mouth or spit water to douse the fire
4. Forbid to touch the hot surface of glass and metal
Best usin condition: Least friction,no strong wind and smooth ground

Please select the correct type according to your needs:

*Type 1.0# is with remote control.
*Type is without remote control.

Package included:
1 x DIY engine car (with/without remote control)