Finger Cutter Chopper Guillotine Magic Props Tricks Toy

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Finger Cutter Chopper Guillotine Magic Props Tricks Toy

Name: Finger Cutter
Type: Magic Props
Material: Plastic
Weight: 64g

What a fun and crazy trick
Just stick your finger in the hole
Push the blade down and let out a scream
Adults will stare in amazement while children just run away screaming
Perfect for magic shows,loot bags,party favors,carnivals, etc.

Place your finger inside the mini guillotine
Press down and the blade appears to pass through your finger
Solid blade passes right through spectators finger but cuts a small object below your finger in half.
The spectator is completely unharmed
Fabulous trick at a great price, safe and easy to do
Easy for beginners. Instructions included
This model of the Finger Chopper has a unique locking mechanism and is examinable
Guillotine is light weight and easy to carry

Package Included
1 x Finger Cutter Chopper