LOBOT Funbot STEAM Arduino DIY Smart Changable Programmable RC Robot Educational Kit


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Brand: LOBOT
Product: DIY Smart RC Robot
Battery: 2* 3.7V Rechargable Batteries(included)
Program Software: WeMake(base on Scratch 2.0)
Input: Tracking Sensor, Button Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Touch Sensor, Voice Sensor, Infrared Receiver
Output: DC Gear Motor, Micro Servo, LED Module, Digital Tube, etc.
Microprocessor: Base on Arduino UNO
Offline: Infrare Control
Product Size: 13*13*9
- Changable, one robot kit can be changed into various kinds of shapes.
- Programmable, base in Scratch 2.0, develop WeMake program system, easier to program.
- DIY Design, free to assemble it at any time.
- Helps to develop logic thinking and operating abilities.
1* Robot Chassis Kit
2* Motor
1* Battery Box
1* Charger
1* USB Wire
2* Motor Mount
1* Manual Book
1* Micro Servo
1* Touch Sensor
1* Voice Sensor
1* Track Sensor
1* Button Sensor
1* Ultrasonic Sensor
1* LED Module
1* Fan Blade
2* Wheel
1* Omni Wheel
2* Battery
1* Carboard Control Board
1* Screwdriver
1* L Type Holder
1* Infrared Receiver
1* Infrared Controller
1* Digital Tube Module
1* Fan Module