Simulation 2.4G 2WD RC Car For 1/10 DAE86 GTR M3 Sakura D4 Drift Vehicle Model Kit


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Size: 410mm*250mm
Weight: 1.6KG
Track: 250mm
Because drift cars are mainly low-speed drift, the speed is limited to 20-30Km / h
Frame details:
High-density sponge front anti-collision commonly used for flat running drift, providing basic anti-collision performance
New silver hard rubber wheels with sharp edges and corners, low-key luxury, and the texture is no less than metal wheels
New design! Single oil pressure suspension suspension system optimizes grip and makes maintenance easier
However, the entire suspension design does not stop there. The essence lies in the cantilever.
The cantilever has a certain elevation angle on both sides without compressing the shock absorber.
This design will greatly improve the cornering performance of D4-BK and can correspond to more road conditions.
Have the passability of the flat-running drift car
Unique cantilever design does not affect ground height
Adjust the height from the ground by changing a longer suspension
Because it is a two-wheel drive design, some of the space that cannot be utilized by the four-wheel drive can be re-optimized for better performance.
The first to bear the brunt is the steering angle, which can reach a large angle of more than 60°, and the sharp-bend drift is more convenient.
The tires are assembled with a certain inclination angle, which can be increased or decreased by adjusting the length of the upper swing arm.
The entire transmission part is equipped with ball bearings to maximize transmission efficiency
Battery compartment size: 138mm*50mm*27mm, belonging to the mid-post design, drift is more stable
It is convenient and quick to disassemble the battery by simply removing the car cover.
Standard 92P large teeth
Motor base, compatible with almost all 36 series motors
Rear tooth ratio (33/16) = 2.1
These holes for the rear spoiler are designed for later weighting, and are also easier to add to the drifting action for beginners.
The frame is made of glass fiber bottom plate, glass fiber second floor, thickened glass fiber hydraulic frame, which is more than D3 plastic hydraulic frame and plastic bottom plate.
The original car comes standard with 5 tools to meet all the shunting needs.

Package included:
1x rc car kit