TFL 1315 Outrage 1165mm 2.4G QJ26CC Fiberglass Gas Rc Boat Oil Tanker No Servo Transmitter Battery


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Basic information Brand:TFL
Item No:1315 
Power System Motor:QJ26CC
Servo:do not have

 Φ 6.35 drive system,2blade78Alum.Prop.
Transmitter This boat do not include the transmitter Battery Battery: do not have
Other The hull material:fibre glass Dimension Boat:Length:1165mm,beam:380mm,depth:230mm

Recommedation:(the packaging are not included)
1.Servo:metal 15KG servo or S3003×6KG servo
3.Battery:the battery for the electric boat receiver

Package included:
1X Rc Boat(without the servo,transmitter and battery)
1X Manual