XLPower 520 XL520 FBL 6CH 3D Flying RC Helicopter Super Combo With 1100KV Motor 120A V4 ESC KST Digital Servos


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Item: XL520 RC Helicopter
Length: 1010mm
Height: 310mm
Width: 160mm
Main blade size: 425mm - 520mm
Tail blade size: 72mm - 86mm
Motor pinion: 12t included;13t optional
Helical CNC Main gear: 106t
Tail pinion: 13T
Autorotation gear: 60T
Main to tail gear ratio: 4.615
RTF weight: 2400-2700g
Main shaft diameter: 10mm
Feathering shaft diameter: 8mm
Tail boom diamater: 20mm
Max battery size: 220mm*48mm*55mm(6S)
Package Included:
1* XLPower 520 Kit
1* XLPower Brushless Motor 4020
1* Set of RT 510mm Rotor Blade
1* Set of XLPower 80mm Carbon Tail Rotor Blade
1* Foam Blade Holder
1* Hobbywing' Platinum 120A V4 ESC
3* DS512HV Digital Servo
1* DS747RS Rudder Servo
Accessories needed to prepare yourself(not include):
1* Transmitter (7-channel or more, helicopter system)
1* Receiver (7-channel or more)
1* 6S Li-Po 3000 ~ 5200mAh
1* Digital Pitch Gauge
Misc. Building Equipment
Note: This XLPOWER XL520 helicopter is the heli super combo version, need to DIY it yourself, please kind to read and understand the package list in details.