YahBoom Micro:bit DIY 9 In 1 Programmable Block Building Tracking Obstacle Avoidance Smart RC Robot Kit


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This programmable building block kit includes expansion board,battery, motor and other electronic components, and more than 260 building blocks. We also provide a building block assembly manual that provides the steps to assemble into 9 different building blocks.
The biggest difference with this kit is that we combine electronic components with building blocks, and users can control them with micro:bit programming, such as infrared remote control, obstacle avoidance, tracking, colorful lights and other functions. In addition, our building blocks are also compatible with LEGO. If you are interested in building blocks and want to learn programming, this building block kit will be a good choice.
Brand: Yahboom
Control Board: Micro:bit
Power supply: 3.7V Lithium Battery(Included)
Input: Infrared obstacle avoidance sensor, Ultrasonic module, Infrared tracking sensor, Infrared receiving probe
Output: Motor, Buzzer, LED light, Servo, RGB light, RGB programming light
Programming Method: Graphical Programming
Size: 30cm*26.5cm*8cm
- 9 in 1 design, 1 kit to make 9 kinds of appearance.
- Support micro:bit graphic program, learn from playing.
- DIY design, helps to develop logic thinking and operating abilities.
- USB charging, saft and convenient.

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1* Robot kit(shown as the pic: packing list)