ZD Racing 10426 1/10 4WD Drift RC Car Kit Electric On-Road Vehicle without Shell & Electronic Parts


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SKU: 10455

Basic information Brand:ZD Racing
Item No:10426
Type:Kit version
Scale: 1/10
Designed Speed:55km/h
Power System Motor,esc and servo are not included,they are all recommendation for you
Motor:3650 Brushless Motor 3000KV
ESC:45A ESC water-proof(can work with 2s/3s battery)
Servo:6kg torque steering servo
Transmitter It is not included
Recommend you to use 8277 controller,Product id:1506626
Battery Battery for car is not included,it is recommendation
Battery:7.4V 2400mAh 2s lipo battery
Other Material:ABS,PVC and electronic components
Product Weight:About 1100g
Dimension Car Size:43*19*12cm
Ground Clearance:8mm

Aluminum alloy wheel rims and rubber tires,great grip performance
Oil filled adjustable shock absorbers and front drive shaft
All ball bearings,10.9 hardness screws
Fully packaged otion transfer system protects the gear box from stones and dust
The front and rear of the car use steel differential gears
Front and rear anti-rolling design for stable cornering drift

Recommendation(it is not included in the package):
Same rc car,10426 1/10 ready to run version rc car,product ID:1540751

1.This is rc car kit,do not include motor,esc,servo,transmitter and battery for the car,please prepare by yourself
2.The rc car shell is not included

Package included:
1X RC Car Frame Kit(without motor,esc,servo,transmitter and battery)